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June 1, 2016
Viveo Group on TV in Tucumán!
June 9, 2016

This week, Marcelo Ditinis, a Legislator from Tucumán visited our studio.

We discussed our business plans and projects. We introduced him to our team of graphic designers, system engineers, industrial designers and electronic engineers. We shared some of our successful projects: Pinch&Roll, PhotoBox , and Tacho.Uno

It’s exciting that all of these projects have been planned and executed locally in Argentina. He was surprised to find out that large established industrial companies like Carton de Tucuman, that almost exclusively have manufactured boxes for the citrus industry, are now suddenly encouraged to think “outside the box” and produce a totally different product for us (PhotoBox).

Marcelo Ditinis:

It’s great to see companies working on Innovation and very challenging projects in Tucumán, competing globally. This means that University students have another great alternative to grow professionally right here.

The government`s plan to support the private sector more closely is demonstrated by his visit. We are looking forward to being involved however we can to progress the local market

Thanks for visiting Marcelo! You are always welcome.

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