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April 12, 2017
What is a Landing Page? It’s where to make a super first impression
April 22, 2017

Before talking about the tools for developing a digital presence, consider these first two steps.

Step 1

Go back and read your business strategy. Your Vision, Mission, and Values define your core and this is the essence of how you want your business to be seen.

Step 2

You know your niche, your market and your customers. Many our our clients surprise themselves at how well they know their business and haven’t yet realised it. Be an authority and don’t be afraid to share your insights.

Armed with the above, you now can formulate your Digital Plan. Some things to consider:

  1. Decide on your Look and Feel
    Having a style that delivers a consistent message is important. A style that matches your audience is equally important.
  2. Use Powerful images
    Use images to grab attention, images that match your style.
  3. Deliver Useful Content
    Use what you know and share it. Don’t be afraid. Just read tips on how to write blog posts and start blogging.
  4. Build Social Media Followers
    There are a number of strategies to grow your followers on Social Media. This can be a process but there is only value in numbers. Be patient.
  5. Engage with your Clients and Prospects
    Make sure your capture your customer information, enroll subscribers in your newsletter and engage frequently by email, blog and social media.
  6. SEO & SEM
    Use your website wisely. Keep it fresh.
  7. Decide on Frequency
    How often will you blog, and post on Social Media. Ensure you allocate time and keep it up.
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