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March 28, 2017
Sometimes, you get what you pay for… SEM
April 7, 2017

Creativity is problem solving in a novel and original way. It is the ability to create a new answer to a previously answered question.

In order to develop creative solutions, it’s necessary to fully understanding of what the problem or need really is.

To construct the problem it is indispensable to map the context, and include all the actors involved and the dynamics between them. By doing this it will highlight the areas of impact, the risks, who is affected, in what way; ultimately bringing focus to the root of the problem. This immersive investigation implores the researcher to get out of the comfort zone and to explore new possibilities.

At Viveo we strive to innovate and introduce transformational changes through our work. We promote creative spaces, honest (and sometimes tough) discussions and exercises that challenge us to question our knowledge to work interdisciplinarily in novel projects.

For example, perhaps what is presented at first glance as the client’s request for a “modernize of a web page” then becomes the development of a system that allows the HR department to use the web as a tool for job offers and tracking of potential applicants.

It is essential to be aware that creative solutions involve reformulating, reinventing, taking risks and combining our aspirations with the knowledge acquired to find the most effective and successful solution. So problems can be in fact an opportunity.

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