Our Vision
April 12, 2016
Another interesting visit!
June 3, 2016

We are very excited for our friends from Vo-Ve Noticias!!

A year ago, we started together the adventure of developing one of the most successful news website of the province. Today we accomplished a great milestone: increased daily visits by 433% YTY. We are commited to keep going in this pathway to keep growing even more. 

Statement from Laura Argañaras (Editorial Manager):

“Starting from April 2015, we chose #ViveoGroup, to project, create and develop Vo-Ve Noticias on the range of alternatives offered by the universe of news websites.
The team of Vo-Ve Noticias is shaped by trained young journalists from Tucumán to write quality and relevant content to our audience. So far we’ve been having great reception from local and national readers and Viveo has been helping us maintain a robust portal in order to keep up with the increased traffic and user experience demands.

As a mean of public information, we work having a sharp journalistic ethics, to build confidence in our team and users entering the website: www.vo-ve.com”


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